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Addressing Typical Customer Concerns with Grandma Mae’s

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    1. A customer complains their German Shepard often has loose stool on his current food.

    2. A customer brings in a Shih Tzu puppy that is new to their family. They need to purchase everything for their new family member including food.

    3. A customer is currently feeding a line of inexpensive food commonly found at grocery stores. They would like to feed a better quality food but are worried about the cost.

    4. A customer is very worried about feeding their pet anything coming out of China and asks about recalls.

    5. A customer mentions their Golden Retriever seems bored with their food and is sometimes a picky eater.

    6. A customer’s vet recommends they put their eight year old Labrador retriever on a diet to lose weight and that they incorporate glucosamine and chondroitin into the diet for joint health.

    7. A customer has to avoid feeding chicken due to their dog's sensitivity.

    8. A customer heard from a friend that their male cat needs a special food, but cannot remember why.

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