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Staff Training Programs


FlexQuiz: Product Sales and General Selling Skills (5th Edition)

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FlexQuiz is a way to help new staff members learn some of the basic pet store product knowledge mostly on their own, as a prelude to years of using the store as a learning tool.

Experienced people will enjoy FlexQuiz as a review, or to help them improve their knowledge of areas outside their main expertise. Stores that use FlexQuiz can develop a more cross-trained, less departmentalized and more efficient staff.

Only NexPet Members have access to our acclaimed FlexQuiz Training Program.  Click here to apply now.


Dog and Cat Nutrition for Pet Store Staff

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These eighteen quizzes are a way to help you assist customers with one of the most important decisions in their pets’ lives: what to feed their dogs and cats. The program is made up of eighteen quizzes with answers, and this book contains both the quizzes and the answers for you to study. Quizzes 1-9 and 13-18 do not focus on any brand or brands: they cover the different types of dog and cat foods and treats and how to discuss them with customers. They are designed to prepare new store staff to benefit from training provided by individual brands. Quizzes 10 – 12 are on how to sell Grandma Mae’s Country Naturals, the brand of pet food owned by the NexPet Retailer Coop and many of its member stores.

Only Grandma Mae’s Country Naturals Dealers have access to our Dog and Cat Nutrition Training Program.

You know pet store employee training is important.

But pet store employee training programs can be difficult to create and implement. NexPet offers pet store employee training programs based on pet industry best practices that are designed to retain good employees as well as improve customer satisfaction within your pet store.

As a member of the NexPet pet store association, your pet store employee training program will teach product knowledge and sales techniques using both workbooks and online courses. As part of the pet store employee training program, you’ll receive customizable employee manuals and courses on setting and implementing customer service standards.

And NexPet’s pet store employee training programs don’t stop there. We help educate your customers, too, with customizable care sheets for the pets you sell. NexPet’s pet store employee training program, combined with all the other benefits of membership in this pet store association, will pay for itself many times over.

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