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The Only Independent Retailer Owned Pet Food

The Only Independent Retailer Owned Pet Food

This Could be Your Exclusive!

The value brand that will never be sold in big boxes or discounters.

• All-Natural Super Premium
• Incredible Palatability
• Exclusive territories
• Internet Competition Strictly Limited
• Co-op membership not required

Brand Integrity Policy

The Story of Grandma Mae’s Country Naturals

Grandma Mae’s Country Naturals was founded in 2007, when a group of independent pet store owners met to discuss what was happening in the pet food industry. They were concerned that many premium pet food brands were being acquired by large corporations or investment groups, and when control of these companies passed from founders to investors, often the quality of the product declined while prices went up. In many cases, the pressure for increased profits led to taking short-cuts with ingredients and processing as well as to an increase in cost.

To provide their customers with a product of the quality they demanded, these small business owners, who had devoted their lives to selecting the highest quality products for pets, pooled their funds to start Grandma Mae’s Country Naturals–the independent retailer owned pet food.

Today, Grandma Mae’s is still owned by independent pet retailers who care about your pets as much as you do. If you haven’t heard of us yet, it is because as a small company, owned by small business owners, we put all of our profits into providing your pets with the highest quality ingredients and processing, and not into advertising or huge sales forces traveling the country. At Grandma Mae’s, what’s best for pets comes before everything else.

To learn more about our pet food, visit our website.

Staff Training About Grandma Mae’s Country Naturals

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These eight quizzes provide nutrition information about all the Grandma Mae’s Country Naturals formulas. They also contain cool tips on how to sell the brand to customers. The program has both the quizzes and the answers, so you can study both together. When you are ready to take each quiz, simply click the link provided and enter the answers. Make sure you also enter your manager’s email address in the space provided; otherwise they won’t receive your answers.

Click here to access quizzes and study materials.



Click here to download a powerpoint presentation designed to help train your staff on Grandma Mae’s Country Naturals dog and cat food. You can also view this presentation here as a PDF.

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