Saturday, Jun. 22, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

What product lines is NexPet currently paying rebates on?
Bio-Groom, Blue Ribbon, Burts Bees, Dr. Tim’s Aquatics, Ecos Pet, Earth Friendly, Fetch for Pets, Grandma Mae’s Country Naturals*, Herbsmith, Jermack Plants, Kaylor of Colorado, Litter Lifter, Look Who’s Happy Treats, Midwest Homes, My Family Pet Tags/Machines, Oxbow, Penn-Plax, Pestell, Pet Naturals of Vermont, Prevue Hendryx, QT Dog, Ruff Dawg, Spin 2, Shout, Triple Pet, Vetriscience, Wyld’s Wingdom. 
Additional savings are also available from Lupine Collars and Leads, as well as on Credit Card Processing, Comp-Ware POS Systems, Consumer Financing, Medical Plans, Workers Comp costs and more.

How much is the rebate and how does it work?
The rebate is normally 2% of your purchases for most of these lines every quarter and is paid to you through NexPet by check.
*1% rebate on Grandma Mae’s Country Naturals

Do I have to provide invoice copies or other reports?
Major pet supply distributors provide data on our members’ purchases of the brands in the program; we collate the data for all your purchases and file for the rebate. In case of small distributors or regions where we have very few members, reports are normally available from distributors at the request of the individual retailer. For these cases we provide a form to make it easy for the distributor to do it.

Why do these manufacturers pay NexPet members a rebate?
Group members have committed to increase their purchases of these brands, and have done so substantially.

Are any other brands coming in to the rebate program?
NexPet is always talking to vendors about joining the program, and new ones are added periodically.

What are the savings on credit card processing?
Most members have saved between $1000 and $4000 per store per year using our provider. Rates vary depending on volume, and quotes can be provided to members at any time.

Does NexPet’s Credit Card processing provider offer gift and loyalty cards?
Yes, cards are available with custom designs.

Does NexPet offer Consumer Financing?
90 Days Same as Cash with payments: 2%, 180 Days Same as Cash with payments: 5%

What about insurance?
NexPet offers a Self-Funded Stop-Loss Health Plan in conjunction with The Hahn Financial Group (HFG) which can help most members save 20-25% on medical insurance.  Savings on workers comp policies are also available in conjunction with Markel, an “A” rated Fortune 500 insurance company.

When do I have to renew membership in NexPet?
Renewals happen annually. However, many members never have to pay the renewal fee as their rebates cover the cost. The remainder of the rebate then goes back to the store.

If this doesn’t answer your questions, please contact us!

**Not available in certain states.